Meet Our Physicians

John D. Frattarola, MD, FACOG

Though medical practice has changed considerably throughout the years, I continue to strive to achieve a balance of traditional and current philosophies when caring for my patients. The same challenges — whether it be infertility, high-risk pregnancy, surgery or caring for the elderly — are as rewarding today as they were at the beginning of my career. Knowing I make a difference in my patients' lives every day is a most gratifying experience and reaffirms the choice I made to practice Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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George M. Ajjan, DO, FACOG

It is a distinct privilege to be the first to actually "touch" a new baby. My yearning to make a difference in one small way in the lives of someone else is fulfilled with each delivery I attend. To place a delicate new life in the arms of a new mother and to see a brand new father shed a tear of ultimate joy at the birth of his child is a most rewarding aspect of my life. I now have the honor of delivering second generation babies.

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Payal Shah, MD, MBA, FACOG

The decision to become an ob/gyn came easily for me. There was no other field that brought me such joy and fulfillment as a physician and as a woman. To help and support women through the full circle of birth to menopause and beyond has helped me grow as a physician and a person. I now appreciate helping to bring a new baby into the world, as I recently became a mother and went through the experience myself. A woman's ob/gyn is not only her doctor but her friend, her confidant and her source of stability and balance. It is an honor for me to have this role in a woman's life. My patients at Women's Health Care Group have taught me and helped me become the physician I am today. It is these experiences, along with my knowledge, technical skill and compassionate personality that I offer to my patients and the community.

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Nicole Liza Palomar, MD, FACOG

I have always had a strong interest in helping others, but my volunteer work experiences with underserved communities in the Philippines cemented my desire to practice medicine. I had later on realized that women's health care was an area I was drawn to. It is rewarding to have the ability to relate to a woman and her various concerns throughout her reproductive and postmenopausal years. It is a pleasure to be a part of Women's Health Care Group, and I will continue to strive to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

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Johanna Lee, MD

My priority is to ensure my patients receive the best care, and are educated in their health. Whether a routine visit or a complex medical procedure, I want my patients to go home feeling confident in their visit. Establishing trust and building strong relationships with my patients is important to me. It is my honor and privilege to join this group of talented physicians and hope to continue to serve women in all stages of life with care that is second to none.

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